How to get the cr48 search key in Ubuntu

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This article got me thinking about how much I really wanted this for my own computer. I am an internet addict, and have never used the Caps Lock key in the first place. It turns out that since I am running ubuntu, it’s not that hard to do with just a little bit of easy work in the terminal, and a few minor tweaks. Note however that this sets it to one browser only, and if you use multiple browsers, only one of them gets the shortcut. Since I have switched to Chrome a few weeks ago, I have set it to Chrome, but if another browser is your primary browser, I’ve included code for that as well.  The only disadvantage is that it only works for one browser at a time, and thus for people using multiple browsers, you would have to manually switch it between them, or only have it work for one. I wish I could set it to open a new tab in whatever browser you are currently using, but I don’t have the knowledge on how to do that, I think it would require some sort of script.

1) Disable the Caps Lock Key.

Enter in terminal Code:

xmodmap -e “clear Lock”

2) Install xbindkeys

a) Code:

sudo apt-get install xbindkeys

b) Install xbindkeys-config, it’s a GTK frontend for xbindkeys so it’ easy to configure xbindkeys with that.


sudo apt-get install xbindkeys-config

c) Configuration

Launch xbindkeys :



d) Then launch the GUI :



3) Create Shortcut for search key

a) Select New

b) Change the name from Remark to Search Key

c) Click ‘Get Key’

d) Wait for the dialog box to pop up, then hit the caps lock key

e) Change Action from Command to

Code for Chrome:

/opt/google/chrome/google-chrome –new-tab

Code for Firefox:

firefox -new-tab

Code for Epiphany:

epiphany-browser –new-tab

Code for Opera:

/usr/bin/opera –new-tab

4) Click ‘Apply’

5) Click ‘Save & Apply & Exit’

6) If using chrome it should look like the screenshot below

This is what it should look like

</How To>

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